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Realitybase anthology

Realitybase is acquiring more "authority" according to Google PageRank. This is a kind of peer review process in which Google counts the number of inbound links from other websites and weights them according to their PageRanks.  In Google searches, pages with high PageRank will be displayed higher than low ranked pages.  For a list of Realitybase posts that appear in the top 10 in certain Google searches and some comments about "search engine optimization," go herewww.realitybase.org is now ranked 6/10, which means it's an order of magnitude "less important" than a site ranking 7/10 like Robert Reich's blog and 2 orders of magnitude below a 8/10 ranked site like Paul Krugman's blog or Huffington Post.  But it reflects a lot of progress from 0/10 and 3/10, which were the numbers I saw for many months. 

Lately I've noticed that 11 of my approximately 300 posts have earned their own PageRanks.  While my list of the 11 best posts would have been different, here's what the rest of the world thinks.  Have a look.

Google pagerank 4/10

How mortgage backed securities increase systemic risk

The American Dream died in February 1973.

Risk management means taking the risks your competitors take.

Google pagerank 3/10

George Soros explains "The Crash of 2008" again

The US trade deficit is tribute paid to foreigners. And it's big.

Two hypotheses for why US CEO pay is so high

The energy efficiency (and political) geography of corn to ethanol

Greenspan confirms foreign competition depressed US wages

Stiglitz on the causes of the financial crisis and how to prevent the next one

Lots of crude oil hoarding a year ago, and still some now

Google pagerank 2/10

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology is on a road that doesn't go to market.

And here's a post that is too recent to have a pagerank, but since posting has been accessed more than any other Realitybase post by a large margin.  [Update 11/8/09: The following post is now ranked 4/10.] If you Goggle "comparative advantage," this post is listed 11th out of 3.84 million pages:

Comparative Advantage--the Unicorn of Free Trade.

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Nice Roger. Congratulations!....

September 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

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