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How the Luckiest Generation lived the American Dream

I'm just back from my 50th class reunion at The College of Wooster where I was invited to summarize in ten minutes how we experienced the economy during our lives. I showed graphs of key statistics in PowerPoint about jobs, incomes, upward mobility, and effects on longevity.  A fundamental conclusion was, "No job, no income, no American Dream, premature death."  The most common comment I got was to the effect of, "I'd seen these bits of information before, but never all pulled together like this." There were numerous requests for copies, but since not a lot of retired septuagenarians have PowerPoint, I've converted the presentation to a narrated movie and posted it on YouTube.  Click the icon to view it. (If the YouTube icon doesn't show in your email or RSS update, you may have to click through to this Realitybase post to see it.)

This is a revised version of the video; the original version is here.  If you have PowerPoint you can download this narrated presentation in .PPT [revised 3/14/12 to add missing captions to one slide] and see the links to data sources.

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