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Nuclear power is just too damn expensive.

The sensational version is here, estimating that the levelized capital cost of electricity from a new nuke is 17-22 cents per kW-hr and the all-in cost (including operations, maintenance and fuel) is 25-30 cents per kW-hr. This compares with current retail costs prices in the neighborhood of 10 cents per kW-hr.

A less dramatic (but not necessarily more accurate) all-in estimate by Lazard is here, 9.7-12.8 cents per kW-hr. The Lazard report has the virtue of comparing costs of nuclear power with all the other generation technologies in use now or expected to be commercial in the near future. According to Lazard, electricity from coal fired power plants with carbon capture and sequestration would be even more costly, about 13.5 cents. That makes renewables look pretty good cost-wise—except that some of the technologies (wind and solar, e.g.) are unsuitable for base load.

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