Cal Trillin on super PACs
Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 11:11AM
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There might be a serious message somewhere in Cal Trillin's piece in today's NYT, but the only reason I'm linking to it is that it made me laugh. Really.

INTERVIEWER Your “super PAC,” America the Super, has now spent just over $3 million on negative television ads attacking Art Schwartz, the most serious opponent of Jeff Gold in the race for the Senate, and — with all due respect, ma’am — that has raised questions about how closely America the Super is connected to the Gold campaign.

SUPER PAC CHIEF EXECUTIVE By law, a candidate’s campaign cannot coordinate or communicate with a super PAC. America the Super is for America being super. If that leads to an investigation into whether Mr. Schwartz did any inappropriate touching when he was a scoutmaster in 1978 — because a lot of those scoutmasters did, you know — so be it.

INTERVIEWER Well, you do understand the assumption some have that there might be more contact than the spirit of the law intends there to be, given your closeness with Mr. Gold.

SUPER PAC C.E.O. My closeness? What do you mean by my closeness?

INTERVIEWER Because you’re, well, his ...

SUPER PAC C.E.O. Because I’m his mother?

. . . .

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