Your host and Head Skeptic in Charge (screen name "Skeptic") is Roger Chittum.  I have retired as a business executive and business lawyer. 

My interest in energy issues stems from my tenure as an officer of an energy company, The Oil Shale Corporation (later Tosco Corporation and now part of Conoco Phillips), from 1972 to 1983.  Those were the fun-filled years of the first post-war oil crisis and synfuels boom, ending with the dramatic crash of oil prices and refining margins in 1982. 

My interest in free market fundamentalism, trade, globalization, and other economic issues was enhanced by my experience as an officer and director of a textile company, Crown Crafts, Inc., from 1992 to 2000.  My job was one of the thousands of textile industry jobs shipped to China after a brief NAFTA-facilitated stopover in Mexico. 

My interest in human rights and civil liberties stems from the Civil Rights Movement. 

I graduated from the Stanford Law School, where I was an editor of the Law Review.  Before that I was a National Merit Scholar at the College of Wooster where I majored in chemistry.  I did graduate work in chemistry at Case Western Reserve and worked as a chemist at Sohio (now part of BP) before opting for law school. 

I'm a voracious reader of public policy journals and blogs.  My taste in books since retirement has run almost exclusively to non-fiction.  I am reading political economy books from Adam Smith forward, about The Enlightenment and its influence on government in the United States, and about the history of the philosophy of science. 

I live in Los Angeles, California.  My email address is rdchittum followed by the usual symbol and earthlink dot net.